A prescription for La Vie Moderne:

1) Stop, stop whatever you’re doing, stop it, stop it right now, stop thinking it, stop it, stop, stop that.

2) You are being, being something, being life. Not now, not then, not in a minute but in the infinite continuum, being human, being.

3) Remember the poor, the hungry rich and the uncategorical – nothing divides as homogeneity – so imagine you can eat something different every day.

4) You may use other forms of communication that do not use wireless, wave or other electrical impulses; such as semaphore, megaphone, bell ringing, flares or extrasensory perception.


European Dreams (Athens – September 2015)

But there is also a nightmare which is a dream of Europe – a perfect Europe figured by the Fascist – where the other European model is one of marshal law; blood, soil and tears, of the Roman Imperium, where the family is all, and society a no thing. Of course this first ‘great’ European empire was not a total monolith, necessarily changing as he did through the centuries, in response to the other barbarians, with its gilt promise of a universalizing citizenship. Nevertheless this Imperium is a legacy that haunts every single vision of Europe, even when the religious element of the Christian faith that spawned the Holy Roman Empire has been subtracted.

How me must remember now, more than ever, the fateful pact of fatherland and church that poisoned Europe. To guide our eyes forensically over what we see before us, and guard against our fears, those atavistic desires to defend ourselves whatever else – asking again and again: defend what against what?

Serious Play

The goal is serious, the way humorous. Or Sarcastic. Or a game. Everybody’s life is wholly like that, when lived without external coercion. We play until death takes us away – (Schwitters, 1946)

Touching Wind

I throw away the words, the dictates and commands. Nothing comes to me but that sense of wind that touches me: that touch that flows, with its gentle pulse and its roaring craw.

Vague Clairvoyant

A clairvoyance, looking back through the rear mirror of our lives, bumping ahead, we see something appearing suddenly, vaguely.

Love of doing

The unprofessional that exceeds the professional with its guileless amateurishness.

Know yourself

In the midst of the storm, know yourself

Fear not the wrath of others but of yourself

Be afraid for life is not for ever

Be not afraid or a feared for life is everywhere..

Time’s blossom

Blowing away time, trees with fresh green budded leaves. A mountain stream froths and spouts. I am flowing away from life, towards nothingness and the birch leaves shine, in their blossom light.



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