Briny Customs

Pneumatic Institute: “Rules of the Rich” (from In the Time of Dearth, published 1795)

Abolish gravy, soups and second courses.
Buy no starch when wheat is dear.
Destroy all useless dogs.
Give nothing to people who are idle or riotous or keep useless dogs.

Think of an oasis, madam. It is the city that has ruined man, the greed, but in the desert a date is for everyone, the water for anyone, and the climate paradise.

He was there, surveying his whole life. Everything he had achieved, the wealth, even the luxury, that he had worked so hard to accumulate, seemed as nothing.

We, who are capable of poisoning the clear water of oases. Who take pleasure in the pain of others, who must be right, however cruel, however insane. We, who can kill another with envy and pure malice.

To get rid of everything, to only have one change of clothes, to live a simple life, unaccompanied by objects.

In the darkness of the cinema, a waking dream.

Everything that I am, comes from everyone, and rises everywhere. We die, we fall, and rise together but I, I am alone…

Disembodiment of reality, this sort of breakdown applied to a self-multiplication, proliferating away amongst things.

I am unbalanced, trembling, decentered by love.

To  catch the mouth in the hand. To kiss the lips on ones hand, and feel the warm tongue on ones flesh, touched with the sight of it.

A Mouth Opera
A mouth opera in the orificial Now-time of laughter.

What you can’t see, you just don’t know…

Just from someones eyes… she/he sees everything.

Barricada Your Nights:

In the dark, in the corridors of life, among the turnings and in corners, our Barricades. Sometimes smiling up at us, at other times hidden, unreconciled and cruelly set like traps: confront them, overcome them, enjoy them, occasionally kick them around.


“It is time to abandon the world of the civilized and its light. It is too late to want to be reasonable and learned, which has led to a life without attractions… We must refuse boredom and live only on that which fascinates.” (Bataille – Acephale, June, 1936)


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